Speaking the Same Language ™

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills for Scientists

Case Study

This workshop equips scientists and engineers with the information, advice and practical skills needed to deliver meaningful presentations to their audiences, whether they are targeting a specialized audience, Indigenous communities, or members of the general public. Effective presentation skills can contribute in a significant way to sound and informed decision-making.  This workshop has been successfully delivered to multiple science and engineering clients since it was first designed for an organization engaged in an environmental assessment for a large industrial project.

Learning Objectives

The workshop is designed to provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge to express themselves clearly while communicating difficult-to-understand scientific concepts to non-scientific audiences. Workshop participants are trained on how to: analyze their audience; plan and structure an effective presentation; develop ideas; use effective illustrations and tell stories; successfully communicate science/engineering information and concepts; overcome anxiety when making a presentation; and respond to difficult questions.

Workshop Outline


Understanding the importance of communicating your work to be understood;


Analyzing the audience to understand the background, technical knowledge, cultural differences, levels of trust and psychological barriers that can prevent effective two-way communication;


Using interpersonal communication skills for building trust;


Structuring a presentation with an opening, middle and closing to meet your audience’s needs;


Making use of illustrations and storytelling techniques;


Using persuasive, clear, non-verbal and conflict management skills to help adapt your communication style and effectively engage your audience to achieve the desired outcomes;


Projecting control and confidence with high-impact delivery skills;


Overcoming negative or distracting mannerisms;


Enhancing voice projection, articulation, pacing, and fluency;


Measuring your success.

Workshop Participant Feedback

I came to this workshop pretty skeptical thinking I would be taught to dumb down the science, but left with a whole new perspective and set of skills for effective presentations—well done!

Wow, learned so much and will never present the same again.

The information, techniques and skills presented were amazing.

The practice and feedback during the workshop were super helpful. Thank you.

One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended in my professional career.

Great information and advice.

The instructor was a 10 out of 10.